Who Are the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Jurors?

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The fate of Kyle Rittenhouse was put in the hands of a jury that is made up of seven women and five men. They began deliberating on Tuesday morning, and continued on Wednesday.

The jury began with 20 people — all residents of Kenosha County, where 170,000 people live — that were chosen during a single day of jury selection this month. Two jurors were excused earlier in the trial: one for telling a joke about Jacob Blake to a sheriff’s deputy — an exchange that a prosecutor said revealed a possible racial bias — and another for medical reasons related to her pregnancy.

On Tuesday morning, the panel was winnowed to 12 through an old-fashioned process: Scraps of paper with the jurors’ numbers were placed in a tumbler in the courtroom, and Mr. Rittenhouse himself removed six numbers. Those jurors’ numbers were read aloud, and the jurors were removed from the jury, but were told to remain in the courthouse during deliberations in case they were needed as alternates.

Most of the jurors carried clipboards, notebooks and pens throughout the trial, studiously taking notes during testimony. Several grimaced in court when shown graphic videos of the first man shot by Mr. Rittenhouse, Joseph Rosenbaum, as he took his dying breaths, and an autopsy photo of Anthony Huber with a single fatal gunshot wound visible on his chest.

During jury selection, several jurors expressed their own anxieties and fears about serving on the Rittenhouse jury, saying that they had safety concerns and were worried that their family members would not agree with the verdict.

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Teach Your Language Online - Work from home- private tutor